Abortion, abortion, abortion!

First of first, my opinion on abortion in USA: I don’t think there should be any arguments on this topic, because not all the states in America ban abortion, both supporters and opponents still have a choice.

1, your state bans abortion

①you support abortion, you can go other states to do the surgery.

②you are against abortion, there is no discord, because they already banned it.

2, your state doesn’t ban abortion

① you support abortion, no arguments, you can go and get an abortion without flying to other states.

② you are against abortion, how could their unbanning even affect you? They are not going to force you to get an abortion, they just give you one more choice: if you are pregnant, you can carry the fetus until you give birth to it or you can choose to end your pregnancy.

My body, my choice VS It’s not your body

A fetus grows out from my body, it’s my flesh and my blood, if it’s not me, it doesn’t have a chance to survive, so I’m the one in charge, I have the right to decide whether I will carry it or not.

A fetus is a stage of human life, first fetus, and then you become a baby, a child, an adolescent, an adult and finally an elderly. And a fetus got its own heart, brain, arms, legs and all the human organs, so that’s not your body.

It’s all about definition, whether a fetus is a human being, and how old is old enough for a fetus to be defined as a human being. I was totally confused about these two opinions, because they both seem reasonable to me. Until I come to know a disease called Teratoma, I think I support “My body, my choice” more. Teratoma is a tumor with hairs, teeth, or even eyes on it, people call it “a monster inside my body”. Teeth and eyes are human organs, but a teratoma is not a human being medically. So how could you define a fetus as a human being only because it has human organs?

Some said aborting an fetus is a murder, because you kind of dismember a child, then remove it out of your body. Under that process of thought, is removing a tumor a murder, too?

“Don’t get pregnant if you don’t want to.” can be a solution to end all these discussions, as a regular woman, I think it’s easier to prevent yourself from getting pregnant than to get a legal or illegal abortion.


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